Best E Cigarette Liquid Flavors
Distinguished Features of Electronic Cigarettes

Traditional cigarette works by burning. Therefore, in addition to nicotine (often mistakenly considered to be the only substance harmful cigarettes) on average there are 4,000 other toxic and potentially carcinogenic substances to inhale such as: carbon monoxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from the combustion of the paper and irritants such as acrolein and acetaldehyde and oxidizing substances.

In the E-Sigaret instead there is no combustion; it works by vaporizing the liquid usually it consists of special propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol which can also be found in pharmacies, savory food, water and, if we want we can include an appropriate amount of nicotine as well. The effect of acute toxicity to humans is reached by 750g to 1400g of glycerin or propylene glycol in a single intake. One cartridge contains 0.5 to 2.5 ml, depending on the model. They are also available with nicotine in different amount up to 18mg / ml.

Distinguished Features of Electronic Cigarettes

•    No smoke: when you use E-Sigaretten to help your craving for smoking, there is no smoke produces.
•    No yellowish teeth: by using E-Sigaret, there is no worry of yellowish teeth.
•    No unpleasant odors: Contrary to traditional cigarettes. There are no unpleasant odors caused by e-cigarettes.
•    No risk of burning or fires: since E-Sigaret works with charged battery and you do need to lit fire, there is no risk of burning.
•    Cheap: Even using this equipment with most expensive liquids, the annual expenditure of an average smoker who switches to electronic cigarette is reduced by at least 50%.
•    Variety of taste: with E-Sigaret, you get variety of taste you can choose from. Different flavors and aromas available in the market to add into your base e-liquid used in e-cig. You can choose from a multitude of aromas on the market, with or without nicotine, but only by qualified and certified dealers and certified.
•    Tool to quit smoking: Maintaining the same gestures as traditional cigarette, and producing a vapor very similar to smoke, E-Sigaret is a great help for those who want to quit smoking.
•    Usually allowed everywhere: In all places where smoking is expressly prohibited by law (including the plane). Obviously a good smoker uses the E-Sigaretten to the extent that the good manners are taken care.

Some Advice

The e-liquid and cartridges pre-loaded in the label must contain the manufacturer's data, the components used and the warnings of Law. It is highly recommended to buy only e-liquid products from certified companies.



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